Millennium Music is closing down

On Tuesday 18th August 2015, Millennium Music closed its doors, at 22 Winchcombe Street, Cheltenham, for the last time.

For almost two decades, Millennium Music in Cheltenham has been the preferred shop for guitars, ukuleles, sheet music & an enormous selection of musically related gifts for Cheltenham musicians.

Millennium Music in Cheltenham has been a special destination for musicians around Gloucestershire, providing a unique range of products including both sheet music and presents for teachers & students alike. Thousands of people have benefited from our expertise in choosing their instrument; whether that was the guitar for a child, an upgrade from a first ukulele or the difficult choice of a 'serious' guitar for the older player. We have provided personalised advice for many lovely people and launched many new musicians upon their pathway to a life enriched by the ability to make music; including hundreds who learned to play keyboard or guitar at our Yamaha Music School.

We have loved being Millennium Music and will very much miss many of our best customers who have changed from customers into friends over the years. We have not only been a special supplier to those people, we have shared their successes, their problems, their life ... and that has become part of our life too.

As one of the long-established musical instruments shops across the UK, we have witnessed the change from local to internet shopping. Over a third of musical instrument shops in the UK have closed during the last five years. The relentless cash drain upon small businesses in the high street of ever escalating rents and business rates coupled with the migration of customers from high street to internet shopping have created the pull of economic gravity towards the black hole of closure.

Over the past many years, we have watched this situation and have built another business; an on-line gifts and crafts business; www.Marigold.Gifts

The success of that business with over 6,000 personalised gifts and a leading position as one of the UK's cross stitch kits sales websites, has enabled us to make the inevitable decision to focus our energies from shop to internet sales.

We are sad to go, ... Goodbye !